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Students from Wrocław designed capsule collections for CCC

The CCC Group has announced the winners of the "Design a collection for CCC" competition. The latest edition was attended by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. The aim of the initiative carried out in cooperation with the Polish fine arts schools is to discover the most promising young designers of shoes, handbags and accessories and to enable them to start in the fashion world. In Wrocław, Monika Baran and her capsule for Gino Rossi turned out to be the best. Julia Chudzik and Anna Skrobała, who has designed a collection for Jenny Fairy, came in second place.

The "Design a collection for CCC" contest is open for fine arts students. It aims to find young talents among people who design shoes, handbags and accessories.

The task of the students from Wrocław was to design the capsule collection in line with one of the given themes: "Be Fashion - Be Trendy - Be Eco" or "Fashion in the post-pandemic world". As part of the competition, they were expected to prepare visualizations of at least five models of footwear and at least three models of bags and accessories, mood boards illustrating their idea and descriptions of projects including inspiration and technical drawing.

All contest entries were extremely creative and showed a fresh approach to fashion. We chose and awarded these collections which impressed us not only with their aesthetics but also with their functionality. The winning collections are exceptionally good examples of combining both - says Valeriya Musina, Group Creative Director of CCC.

Out of the submitted works, the jury selected two collections. The first place was won by Monika Baran and her capsule for Gino Rossi. Julia Chudzik and Anna Skrobała, the duo that designed the collection for Jenny Fairy, won second place.

- By taking part in such contests, the students are given a unique opportunity to witness the whole process for themselves - from designing the product to the moment it lands on the store shelves. The contestants can prove their talent to fashion experts and put their fashion taste to a test. That is why such initiatives provide students with extremely valuable experiences - says professor Agata Danielak-Kujda, dean of the Faculty of Interior Architecture, Design and Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

The previous editions of the contest were attended by the students of The Faculty of Arts of the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom and the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

The winners of each edition received cash prizes and an invitation for an internship in the CCC Group. In the nearest future, the company will launch one of the winning collections and introduce it for sale in CCC stores.  


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