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Supported by PayPo, CCC is the first retailer in Poland and a pioneer in Europe to enable fast deferred payments at brick-and-mortar stores based on its own mobile app

As the first retailer in Poland and a pioneer on the European market, the CCC Group will offer deferred payments in its offline chain via a proprietary mobile app. The service will be available on a pilot basis from September 1st, first in Warsaw and soon afterwards at all chain stores across Poland. Expanding the scope of cooperation with PayPo, so far limited to e-commerce transactions, is aligned with the Group’s strategy to develop its omnichannel sales model. The goal is to develop a unique retail ecosystem by enhancing customer experience and convenience.

In European countries, deferred payments already account for 30% of all transactions generated online. In Poland, the BNPL (Buy Now – Pay Later) market is still nascent but growing at pace. Meanwhile, the CCC Group is the first Polish retailer to extend the service to its brick-and-mortar chain. Through innovative use of PayPo’s deferred payment solution, customers will be able to take their chosen goods home and then make a purchase decision.

“Take home – pay later is another project we are launching with the comfort of our customers in mind. This is our top priority, underpinning our everyday decisions. Other solutions will be rolled out shortly, including modern self-service checkouts soon followed by further amenities,” said Karol Półtorak, Vice President of the CCC Group Management Board for Strategy and Development.

Cashless shopping with deferred payments in the offline channel of the CCC Group will rely on its own mobile app, in which the PayPo service will be made available. A customer will use the app to generate a code, present the code at the checkout and then confirm the purchase on their smartphone. A payment can be deferred for up to 30 days at no additional cost to the buyer.

“The decision to make PayPo’s deferred payment solution available from traditional retail venues is setting a new direction for the entire BNPL market in Poland. Our payment product is now getting omnichannel, as customers can pay conveniently and securely for items bought on- and offline. Our partnership with the CCC Group, a leader of the footwear and e-commerce sector in the CEE region, is extremely important to us. CCC is another major retail player to have trusted the quality of our solution,” says Radosław Nawrocki, PayPo CEO.

The launch of this financing method in traditional retail settings is mainly a response to consumer interest. According to a survey carried out in January this year, 80% of PayPo customers declared that – given the chance – they would take advantage of deferred payments also when buying at offline stores. Combining the offline with online is in line with CCC’s strategy of developing an omnichannel sales model. The Group aims to develop a unique retail ecosystem by enhancing customer experience and convenience.

“We believe that the new services will make customers more eager to choose CCC as their favourite retail destination when shopping for shoes and accessories,” says Konrad Jezierski, Head of Omnichannel Development at CCC. “In addition to choosing freely between the online and offline channels, from now on they can also decide when to pay for purchased itemsThe philosophy of our omnichannel model is that no matter where a purchase is made, the customer enjoys the same benefits.”

CCC is also the first of PayPo’s partners to offer the new ‘Divide by 4’ product at its offline locations. Under the scheme, customers can pay for their purchases in four instalments at no interest. Within 30 days of a transaction, the customer will be able to decide whether they prefer to settle the purchase price as a lump sum or pay only the first instalment, both options being available free of charge.

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