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The CCC Group accelerates key financial operations and implements SAP S / 4 HANA in other companies

The CCC capital group extends its cooperation with SAP and introduces advanced technology that organizes and accelerates financial processes in other companies and countries. It is an element of the Group's GO.22 strategy, which aims to increase the efficiency of the organization through digital transformation.

The GO.22 business strategy for 2020-2022 adopted by CCC assumes further digitization and optimization of processes. The Group focuses its activities around customers and focuses on development based on new technologies and advanced data analytics. One of the areas of change is finance and accounting, which CCC has digitized by introducing integrated, stable SAP S / 4 HANA software.

The new system can process huge amounts of data simultaneously. It helps us to improve financial supervision and maintain strong cost discipline. The system initially implemented in CCC SA and CCC EU will also be successfully introduced and used in all our subsidiaries. SAP S / 4 HANA software allows for scalability of solutions, unification of data for the needs of management information and reduction of the costs of obtaining them - says Agnieszka Mielcarek, Financial Director of CCC S.A.

The software was implemented during the period of economic freezing and lockdown. The CCC Group together with the SAP implementation partner - Accenture - carried out the entire process remotely. It was possible thanks to the integrated IT architecture and the use of appropriate digital tools. This implementation was the first step of the standardization program of the processes covered by it in the entire CCC Capital Group.

The implementation of SAP S / 4 HANA is the next stage of digitization of processes in our Group. The dynamic organic development in recent years, the digital transformation of the Group, as well as the acceleration of e-commerce development have resulted in the need for more advanced, modern technology to improve financial and accounting processes. The software supports us in the integration of companies. With such a large scale of operations, we manage a huge amount of data. Their unification is a must, it improves the efficiency of management information and allows for better expenditure planning - explains Marcin Czyczerski, President of the Management Board of CCC S.A.

In subsequent companies of the CCC Group, tools will be implemented to improve financial supervision and allow for the simplification of operations and efficient data management in one environment. Thanks to the implementation of the SAP S / 4 HANA platform, ensuring a coherent and modern ecosystem, many processes will be organized and arranged in a more optimal way.

When implementing a new tool, we focus on changing the approach to the processes based on it. We try to make the best use of new functionalities, so that the effect of this change gives us the greatest benefit in the form of less labor-intensive, faster and more error-resistant processes. This change is not possible without changing your habits. It's a lot of work with a team that has to learn to look at their work from a new perspective. Investment in tools and technology must go hand in hand with investment in people. This is also how we approach the implementation of SAP tools - says Piotr Pawłowski, Director of IT and Management Systems at CCC S.A.

Those companies that have focused on the end-to-end digitization of their business operations in a timely manner benefit today by improving their bottom line and leaving their competitors far behind. One of such companies is undoubtedly the CCC Group. I am glad that SAP solutions support the functioning of a company that is changing the face of retail trade in Poland. I am convinced that SAP S / 4 HANA in conjunction with SAP Analytics Cloud will help improve the financial and accounting analytics of the organization and other companies belonging to the Group - says Thomas Duschek, Managing Director, SAP Polska.

SAP S / 4HANA is already used by over 14,600 customers worldwide. The platform is a key component of the end-to-end digital transformation of business and helps organizations become smart businesses. For this purpose, it uses the best business process models available on the market and automation based on artificial intelligence. It enables the creation of both cloud and hybrid IT architectures, thanks to which it allows to simplify the digital infrastructure of companies and to optimize the expenditure allocated to it.

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