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The CCC Group among the leading listed companies in the world in the area of ​​diversity and inclusiven

The CCC Group has been awarded in the prestigious "Top 25 Most Diverse & Inclusive Companies" ranking. He indicates those listed companies that care most about diversity in their teams and equal treatment of employees. For over 11 thousand companies, the CCC Group took 11th place in the general classification and 3rd in the fashion industry.


 It is a reason for us to be proud that once again we occupy such a high position in the global ranking, which verifies not only the values ​​of companies, but also their implementation in the daily management of teams. The policy of equal treatment is very important to us, which is why in 2019 we signed the Diversity Charter coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum. In addition, ESG activities are an important element of our company's business strategy, which we consistently and effectively implement. We are very pleased that our efforts are noticed by independent experts - says Marcin Czyczerski, President of the Management Board of the CCC Group.

The "Diverse & Inclusive" ranking is created by one of the most recognized providers of data, scoring and expert opinions - the London-based Refinitiv, an LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) business. Over 360 of its analysts thoroughly verify all available ESG data to create the most up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive set of information about each company. This year, they looked at over 11,000 companies around the world. They checked them against more than 500 different indicators, which they divided into four areas: diversity, inclusion, people development and controversy. In this way, every year, since 2016, a unique report "Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion" is created, which shows the 100 best listed companies in the world.

- The D&I Refinitiv Index becomes a recognized benchmark for measuring progress. It influences the market both by investors who can identify leading companies in the D&I program and companies that are committed not only to the diversity of their teams, but also to transparency. Our index distinguishes the top 100 global companies with the highest diversity and inclusion index. We are proud to recognize the CCC Group for their bold commitments, industry-leading results and positive social impact at a time when it is so important to rebuilding a vibrant economy and society, says David Harris, Director General of Sustainable Finance, London Stock Exchange Group .

This year's distinction in the "Top 25 Most Diverse & Inclusive Companies" ranking is another one for the CCC Group. In 2020, the Company also took the 11th place in the general classificatio

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