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Togoshi’s futuristic streetwear is coming!

The future is happening now! Owing to the CCC Group the Togoshi brand is back, with its spring/summer 2022 collection available in stores now.

Here is the next-generation uniform! People of the future wear Togoshi. Fascinated by new technology, Korean comic book art and music bands Black Pink and BTS, they sport clothes worn by global influencers.

While Togoshi’s designs are rooted in streetwear, they transcend any one convention. Oversize sweatshirts, joggers and t-shirts made of soft knitwear are printed with motifs known from Korean pop culture. Their opposite are super tight dresses and leggings that fit perfectly like a second skin.

Colour is key, ranging from incandescent yellow creating contrast in combination with black, to pastel lavender that wraps the body in leggings and tight tops. The spring/summer 2021 collection features Y2K hallmark looks including super modern graphics that draw on the Far Eastern culture. The brand’s first collection has been inspired by neon lights of Seoul streets, styles of Korean boy band frontmen, and rave culture. Togoshi could not exist without sneakers – aerodynamic, massive and stable. Normcore sandals complement the footwear line.

Zuza Krajewska’s photo shoot, resembling Instagram feeds of new-generation influencers or a CCTV camera recording, features China’s Maggie Yu, who is known for working with Burberry,
and Japan’s Jumpei Okazaki, who flew to the set straight from Paris Fashion Week.


Togoshi collection is available from MODIVO offline stores,, MODIVO mobile app,, and CCC mobile app.


Photos by: Zuza Krajewska

Models: Jumpei Okazaki, Maggie Yu, Sia

Styling: Anita Szymczak

Makeup: Wilson

Hairstyle: Łukasz Pycior

Set Design: Anna Szczęsny

Marketing Director: Katarzyna Krawczyk / CCC

Art Director: Justyna Purzycka / CCC

Production: Olga Janicka / CCC

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