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Towards sustainable future of fashion industry – CCC joining UN Global Compact

CCC has signed up to the UN Global Compact - the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, engaging companies from various industries which share a commitment to sustainable development. The organisation’s main goals are focused on the provision of support to member companies in building climate awareness and taking responsibility for the world around them. By engaging with this global network, CCC will join forces with other organisations that seek on a daily basis to actively address both existing and emerging environmental, economic and societal challenges.

For more than two decades now, the initiative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations has brought together companies and institutions whose commitment to the environment and society is central to their daily business activities. UNGC is now the largest and most advanced platform for development, implementation and promotion of responsible and sustainable corporate policies, having over 15 thousand corporate and 4 thousand institutional signatories.

By joining the UN Global Compact, CCC aims to support and actively participate in UN projects leading to a global transformation. Their overarching objective is to ensure that consumer needs are met in alignment with the international standards of corporate social responsibility. By becoming part of this vast international business community, the brand will actively engage in dialogue and efforts to advance sustainability. By doing so, it has also committed itself to comply with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which cover, among other things, human rights and workplace standards.

“Our goals are threefold – to support consumers in responsible shopping, to listen to the voice of our employees, supporting diversity and promoting equality in the workplace, and to raise the bar on standards we observe in our relationships with suppliers. We are keen to make a positive difference to the environment, the economy and society. This is a commitment we have clearly defined in our GO.25 Sustainable Development Strategy,” says Kamilla Budnik, the CCC Group’s Sustainability Manager. “We run numerous campaigns, such as the one promoting the ‘GoForNature’ collection, including the latest Green Series line by Sprandi. In addition, we steadily expand our ‘Give your shoes a second life’ project, where customers can leave their used shoes at any CCC store, and we will take care to ensure their responsible reuse or disposal”.

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