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WoshWosh collects footwear for the homeless for the third time

Today we start collecting shoes for the homeless organized by WoshWosh, the first company in Europe combining renovation, cleaning, custom and repair services. The campaign will last until November 30, in order to make it before winter and donate refreshed shoes to the most needy from all over Poland. The CCC footwear company has joined this year's edition of the campaign, and will collect shoes from its employees.

This is the third edition of the footwear collection for the homeless organized by WoshWosh. Last year, the number of shoes donated exceeded all expectations. As many as 5.5 thousand pairs of shoes were collected and given to the homeless after restoration.

“We decided to take part in this noble event because we realize that often our wardrobes are full of unworn shoes that could serve someone else who simply needs them. This year, we have started a pilot shoe collection in our stores ourselves, and we can see a lot of customer enthusiasm for this project. Now, by working together with WoshWosh, we will also encourage you to give away your unnecessary shoes to our employees - we are counting on a big response ", says Daria Sulgostowska, spokeswoman for CCC, which is the partner of the campaign.

Winter is a difficult time for the homeless, every year dozens of people die in the streets due to frostbite and cold. Good and warm foot protection shoes can increase your chances of survival in this difficult season. That is why WoshWosh focuses on collecting autumn-winter footwear, to help on time.

The campaign "Bring the shoes for the homeless" also aims to draw attention to the problem of consumption and shopaholism as well as education in the field of zero waste. Thanks to the campaign, shoes that have been worn over the years, which often end up in the garbage can, can get a second life and be really useful to someone who needs them at this time.

The action starts on November 16 and will last until November 30. Footwear can be delivered to the WoshWosh point: ul. Międzyborska 57/65 04-027 Warszawa or send it with a note "shoes for the homeless person" to the same address.

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