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A week after its debut in Hungary, HalfPrice opened its first store in Austria

Today, the HalfPrice chain debuted in Austria, where customers will find a wide range of products from well-known brands at very attractive prices. The first off-price store was opened in Vienna, and this year the brand will appear in two more locations in this country. Belonging to the CCC HalfPrice Group, started operating in Poland in May this year. Three months after its launch, the chain opened 22 stores in the country, and a week ago it made its debut on the first foreign market - in Hungary. In September, HalfPrice will also start operating in the Czech Republic.

HalfPrice is an interesting modern concept in the off-price category, where customers can find a wide range of products from popular brands at bargain prices. The brand offers clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, toys as well as home furnishings and accessories.

- Although the HalfPrice chain appeared on the market only three months ago, it has already won the hearts of bargain hunters. Such a rapid development of the brand shows the scale of its success and the attractiveness of its offer. Now it is also available to residents and visitors to Vienna. We are very pleased with such a positive reception of our latest concept and debuts in other countries - says Adam Holewa, President of the HalfPrice Management Board.

The first Austrian HalfPrice store was opened in the center of Vienna, on one of the main and most prestigious streets of the capital - Mariahilfer. - We want our stores to be located in iconic and prestigious locations in a given city. Therefore, the first HalfPrice store in Austria appeared in a popular and historically important place - Mariahilfer Strasse. We hope that the brand will be met with great interest and sympathy by all those who are looking for shopping opportunities with the famous MaHü - adds Malwina Winter, Vice President of the Management Board of HalfPrice for Purchasing.

HalfPrice is a new brand that started operating at the beginning of May in Poland. Three months from the launch of the concept, the CCC Group opened 22 stores in this country, visited by over 2 million people. In August, the network made its debut in Hungary, and in September it will also appear in the Czech Republic. In the fall there are also plans to open two more stores of this brand in Austria - in Linz and a second point in Vienna. By the end of December this year. around 60 stores under the HalfPrice brand will be opened in Europe.

- We are sure that everyone will find something interesting in the rich HalfPrice offer. In almost 2,500 meters of the showroom at Mariahilfer Strasse, we have prepared a wide range of attractive products from many categories. We cordially invite everyone to look for real opportunities. We supplement our offer every day, and unique items sometimes appear in small quantities, so you have to decide quickly to buy. The next day, the dream product in a bargain shade may simply not be there anymore - says Joanna Czyżewska, Vice President of the Management Board of HalfPrice for Sales.

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