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Is there a place to please everyone where you can find tons of inspiration, learn about the latest trends, and at the same time catch many unique deals and do satisfying shopping? Yes - from March 1, 2021, the CCC company is launching a new, offering a lot of attractions, version of the already existing CCC Club.

In the CCC Club, we will find everything we need to make shopping easy, pleasant, well-thought-out and full of benefits. These will be, among others, content tailored to the individual needs of customers, information about trends, inspiration and special discount campaigns and events. In the new version, physical club cards have been abandoned - all purchases will be calculated virtually in the mobile application, available for download for both iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play). The CCC club will also operate via the website. In addition to the bonuses already known from the previous version of the club, such as additional discounts and promotions, club members buying at CCC, regardless of whether in stores or online, will receive up to several hundred zlotys in discounts to spend at the Club's partners. These include brands such as H&M, Vogue, and L'Oreal. Modivo, Apart, BP, Citi Handlowy, as well as many others, and this group will be constantly growing so that Club Members have access to new opportunities. New partners will be announced on an ongoing basis in the club's available channels.

How does the new version of the CCC Club work? On March 1, 2021, that is, at the start, everyone gets the Standard status. If the sum of expenses during the year reaches an amount between PLN 400 and PLN 800, we will be promoted to Silver status. If it exceeds eight hundred zlotys - the award is Gold status. Each level offers us many unique benefits.

With the Standard status, we have 30 days to return purchases without showing a receipt, and we will receive a birthday gift, once a year a 10% discount on purchases and free delivery for online orders worth PLN 59.

The Silver status gives, above all, access to discount offers from our partners, under which you can collect several hundred zlotys in attractive discounts, a birthday gift and 60 days for return without a receipt. In addition, we have the priority to purchase special collections, a one-time 20% discount once a year, a package of three personalized discounts and also free delivery on online purchases over PLN 59.

For Gold status holders, the CCC company has prepared even more benefits - appreciating its best customers, it wants them to feel special, like a VIP. It is a package of up to six personalized discounts a month, discounts at CCC partners, a birthday gift, up to 120 days for return without a receipt, priority to purchase special collections, 30% discount once a year, completely free delivery for online purchases (up to five a year) and a special helpline available only to VIP customers. The best customers will be part of the CCC world and will be invited to unique events.

The CCC Club has already been joined by ambassadors: Director of the Fashion Department of Vogue Poland Karolina Gruszecka, musician, composer and co-founder of The Dumplings duo Kuba Karaś, photographer Łukasz Dziewic, director and photographer Marcin Ziółko, make up artist Wilson, musician Mattia Rosiński, yoga teacher Basia Tworek, artist Kasia Śledź known under the pseudonym coc0m0, dancer Mateusz Gil - Peakyboy, model Yanek Marek.

This club is definitely worth visiting. We invite you from March 1.

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