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CCC expands its ‘Give your shoes a second life’ programme

The CCC Group is consistently expanding its ‘Give your shoes a second life’ programme designed to collect post-consumer footwear and manage it responsibly. Fifty collection points for customers to drop off unwanted shoes have already been made available throughout Poland, with most of the CCC stores to be equipped with special drop-off containers by the end of June.

‘Launched in 2020, the ‘Give your shoes a second life’ campaign has been very well received by our customers. Under the pilot, we collected as much as 10 tonnes of pre-owned shoes. We also received a lot of queries about when more drop-off locations would be made available. So we have decided that by the end of June, special containers for pre-owned shoes will be available permanently in most CCC stores in Poland!,’ explains Jakub Grzelak, Managing Director, CCC Retail, at the CCC Group.

Under the programme, CCC customers can donate pre-owned footwear of any brand, size and design. The company will make sure all the collected shoes are managed responsibly. Some of them, after disinfection and minor repairs, will go to the needy, and the rest will be safely disposed of. With the programme, the company reiterates its environmental commitment and promotes conscious consumer behaviour. People who join the project and drop off their pre-owned shoes in the containers will receive a special discount voucher for CCC stores.

A list of locations included in the ‘Give your shoes a second life’ programme is available HERE.

The CCC Group strives to close the loop and promote rational use of resources. The company undertakes many initiatives to that end on a daily basis. These include introduction of the GoForNature collection made of environmentally friendly materials, the post-cosumer footwear collection programme mentioned above, and materials recycling projects, to name just a few. 90% of waste is recycled, and all plastic e-commerce packaging and bags used in retail outlets have been replaced with ones made of FSC-certified paper. These are just a few examples of the numerous projects implemented by the CCC Group – all of them are presented in the comprehensive business strategy GO.25.


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