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CCC is a partner of the 12th edition of the Businesswoman of the Year competition

The Businesswoman of the Year Success Written with Lipstick competition has been rewarding women's successes in business, science and culture for 12 years and publicizing them on a national scale.

The partner of this year's edition of the competition is the CCC Group, which in its sustainable development strategy has set itself, among others, goals of gradual reduction of Gender Pay Gap (pay gap) and Glass Ceiling Ratio (possibility of promotion).

In terms of entrepreneurship, Polish women rank high among the European Union countries - every third Polish company was founded and is run by a woman. Foundation of Success Written with Lipstick supports women entrepreneurs who are not afraid to implement bold business, social and cultural projects and men who pursue a policy of diversity and inclusion.
In the previous editions of the Businesswoman of the Year competition, over a hundred women have been awarded, who, thanks to determination and commitment, have built companies not only nationwide, but also international. For many of them, this victory paved the way for further successes, facilitated entry into new markets and provided an opportunity to attract investors and business partners.

Polish female entrepreneurs

In terms of the number of companies established and run by women, Poland ranks among the highest in the European Union. The share of enterprises run by women is nearly 30%, which means that every third company in Poland was founded and is run by a woman. The services market in Poland is particularly dominated by women. According to the data collected by the research agency Bisnode in the sector of individual service activities, as many as 75% of companies out of over 10,000 surveyed are women. Most of them are small enterprises employing up to 9 people. Polish businesswomen are mainly successful in sectors related to taking care of beauty and physical condition, but also in legal and financial consulting, accounting, veterinary care and in the production of clothing and other textile products. For now, they are unlikely to be seen in industries traditionally considered male, such as heavy industry, but some of them will definitely decide to try their hand there as well.

On the other hand, the activity of women by voivodship shows that the most active in business terms are the inhabitants of the Opole region, which own 34.5% of local companies, 3.5% more than last year. The second place in this respect is taken by the Śląskie Voivodeship - 32.2% of the companies are owned by women - and the third is Łódzkie - 31.7%. The inhabitants of Podkarpacie show the lowest business activity - 25.7% of local enterprises belong to them.

Support for active women

Women have ideas for running a business, but their actions are often blocked by internal fears related to negative beliefs that they will not be able to cope or will not be able to stay in the market. That is why there is a need for initiatives that publicize their successes, inspire other women, encouraging them to act.

About the competition

Candidates may apply for the competition themselves or be nominated by third parties who have already noticed their successes and would like them to be appreciated by others. Applications and nominations can be made via the on-line form available at

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