News 2 minutes reading is expanding its distribution center near Zielona Góra

New warehouse "K3" with an area of ​​15 thousand. sqm will ultimately accommodate over 3 million pairs of shoes. The warehouse will support logistics processes for the shipment of 177 thousand. products from the offer and 103 thousand. products from the Modivo portfolio.

The first quarter was record-breaking for It generated 768 million sales, an increase of 79% compared to the previous year. Modivo's share in sales increased to 13%. At the beginning of May, the company started selling in Slovenia under the name and is consistently developing the infrastructure that will provide professional facilities for further expansion. Until now, the company had two warehouses at its disposal. They are used to store goods and distribute them to all European markets where the company is present both under the and Modivo brands. The third warehouse with an area of ​​15 thousand. sq m, on which it is currently finalizing work, will support the delivery process.

The new “K3” warehouse occupies three storeys, providing one more level of storage than the existing facilities. The functioning of the warehouse is supported by proven, advanced automation: conveyors, conveyors and picking robots. The warehouse will eventually contain over 3 million pairs of shoes.

It is a development of a proven concept. We maintain the continuity of the existing warehouse space and optimize resources. We are committed to centralizing all operations. The effect of the changes is to improve the delivery process, which we want to implement entirely in this new part - says Marcin Grzymkowski, president of

Soon, will also launch the announced logistics center in Bucharest. It will support deliveries in the key markets for the company: Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. In Bucharest, customers will have access to the Same Day Delivery service - same-day delivery.

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