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Access to the service in the mobile application, which has won the hearts of customers in Poland, has just been gained by customers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary. Now they can scan using a smartphone (with Android operating system) and use the shoe size recommendation.

We have known the innovative service since October 2018. It was then that introduced stationary 3D scanners to its stores. An innovative solution, recommending the most appropriate footwear size for a given foot, quickly gained recognition among Polish customers.

Customers immediately appreciated this technological convenience. So far, we have over 1.8 million foot scans in the database. This is another proof that modern solutions in the FashionTech industry are our strong hallmark in working with clients. Of course, the next natural step for us was to make the service available in the mobile application, so that everyone could make a scan and take advantage of the recommendations when making online purchases - says Mikołaj Wezdecki, member of the management board of and director of e-commerce.

The decision to implement the solution gained particular popularity during the lockdown period and related trade restrictions. The company has ensured convenient access to safe and targeted purchases by introducing the function of scanning the foot with the use of a smartphone camera to the mobile application. Now customers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary will be able to use this advanced solution. The condition is to have a smartphone with the Android operating system.

This is a simplified version of our groundbreaking system. This is a very practical solution in the current situation. Based on the scan, the client receives a recommendation of the size of the specific shoe model he is interested in. Thanks to this, they can be sure that the shoes they order for themselves or for their loved ones will be properly matched - adds Konrad Jezierski, retail director at

In the next few months, customers in these markets will also have the option of scanning for smartphones with the iOS operating system. The service will be developed in other CEE countries.


How to use the scanner in the app?

Performing a scan in the application is very simple. We need a smartphone and a white A4 sheet for this. Put a piece of paper on an even, stable surface. Put your foot in the middle (preferably in a sock of a uniform color) and take two photos. First from the top, so that the frame includes the foot and the four corners of the page. The second is made at an angle, from the heel side, to capture the heel and one of the opposite corners of the sheet in the photo.

The application will guide the user step by step through the process of taking photos. As a result, a detailed image of the foot is created, which is the basis for recommending the correct shoe size.

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