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Give away, don’t throw away!

Give away, don’t throw away! CCC and InPost encourage consumers to give their shoes and clothes a second life.

Can living a zero waste lifestyle be simple and convenient? Of course it can! CCC has teamed up with InPost to convince consumers in Poland that we all can take care of the planet and minimise our carbon footprint. This has just been made easier with the addition of shoes and clothes to the EKOzwroty sustainable returns service.


The CCC Group has joined the EKOzwroty initiative as its sole footwear partner. The initiative is designed and run by InPost. The collaboration enables consumers in Poland to drop off the footwear or clothes they no longer need at any parcel locker free of charge. The project’s two overriding goals are to facilitate giving away unwanted shoes and clothes and to give old things a second life to reduce waste.


Most of us have wearable shoes or clothes at home which we no longer use or like or which no longer fit us. The EKOzwroty service is there to help consumers to conveniently and quickly drop them off at a parcel locker and donate them to the campaign’s partner Recover the Environment Foundation. The used items will be thoroughly inspected to check if they are suitable for use. Some of them, after proper disinfection and minor repairs, will go to charities, while others will be remarketed for their intended use. The most damaged items will be safely disposed of or converted into semi-finished products for reuse.


It is imperative that we show customers that old shoes and clothes can be put to a better use. EKOzwroty provides an opportunity for the apparel industry to minimise its environmental impact. We want to seize this opportunity. Our collaboration with InPost allows us to reduce the amount of shoes and clothes ending up in garbage dumps, also encouraging us to embrace the much-needed circularity in our daily lives, which is vital in the time of climate change,’ explained Agnieszka Kępińska-Sadowska, Managing Director of Corporate Communication and Sustainability at the CCC Group.


It is worth joining forces to protect the environment, therefore we are glad to see CCC as our footwear industry partner in the EKOzwroty project. Together we can reach a larger group of consumers and raise their environmental awareness. We all share a common goal: to protect our planet,’ said Sebastian Anioł, Director of Logistics Innovation at InPost.


All EKOzwroty participants who donate their shoes to the cause will receive a 10% discount code for via a text message. All you need to do is follow the three steps: Visit and fill out the form On the parcel, write its code without printing any labels Send the parcel free of charge from any InPost parcel locker.


CCC’s participation in the EKOzwroty campaign is another expression of the commitments it has made under its sustainability strategy. Circularity in fashion, extending the life of products, reducing waste and responsible disposal are just some of the topics addressed in the strategy. Other projects run by the brand include the Give Your Shoes a Second Life campaign, providing consumers with an opportunity to drop off their used shoes at CCC offline stores for responsible recycling. The chain has also phased out plastic bags from its offline and online stores and uses recycled paper only. Also, its offerings include a growing number of sustainable collections.

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