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GiveYourShoesASecondLife and donate them to Ukrainian refugees

Have you got any shoes you don’t wear any more? This week you can give them a ‘second life’ as a donation to Ukrainian people who may need the basic necessities of life. All you have to do is bring them to a CCC store. We accept footwear of any brand, size and cut. It should be in a condition fit for use so that, once disinfected, it can be distributed to those in need as soon as possible. Currently, top of the needs list are autumn/winter boots and sports shoes for women and children.

Seeking to support the citizens of Ukraine through this difficult time, the CCC Group has decided to extend its GiveYourShoesASecondLife campaign of collecting, refreshing and handing out shoes to those in need. In connection with the events now unfolding in Ukraine, all shoes received by the CCC Group this week will be given to refugees. The campaign is run in partnership with WoshWosh, a professional shoe disinfection company. Used shoes can be left at any CCC store throughout Poland. Currently, top of the needs list are autumn/winter boots and sports shoes for women and children. Given the extraordinary situation, we ask you to donate footwear in a good state of repair.

“The people of Ukraine are our neighbours, friends and colleagues. This is why we at the CCC Group are taking active steps to help. Through the charity Caritas Poland, we are donating 10 thousand new footwear pairs to refugees, with several thousand more soon to cross the border. This week those in need will also receive clothing, blankets and items of everyday use. In addition, we have launched support programmes for our Ukrainian employees and our Polish colleagues are actively involved in volunteering service. We know how important it is to help. Therefore, we want to give a chance to get involved in the GiveYourShoesASecondLife campaign to all those who have the desire and need to support the people of Ukraine,” reads a statement by the CCC Group’s press office. “We strongly encourage you to join in.”

The full list of CCC stores is available here:

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