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Image search - artificial intelligence supports customers in online shopping at CCC

CCC introduces for its customers another innovative functionality that facilitates online shopping - searching for products based on a photo. The service, available a bit earlier in iOS, has now been published on all communication channels - Android platform, online store, and Messenger. The customer can now take any photo of shoes or handbags and use the image search engine to see the most similar products in the CCC offers. This feature is very useful for customers who like to play with fashion, especially nowadays when some of the inspiration comes from international channels and social media, fashion magazines or just walking in the street.

The solution available in the online store can be used in the first place by users in Poland and Hungary. This is a version of the technology used in Google Lens, personalized for CCC, which is based on the use of image analysis by deep neural networks. The algorithm identifies the characteristic features of a given product and searches for the most similar ones from the store's product set. What's more, it can recognize and distinguish all products in the photo, which are also in the store's offer. Thanks to this, the user can choose, for example, shoes and a handbag, in a situation where both of these products are in one photo.

“The image search engine solution is another innovation introduced for CCC within many sales channels and another area in which the use of artificial intelligence enters when shopping. Previously, Yosh.AI implemented a virtual voice and text assistant that supports both the sales process and the CCC Customer Service Department. The image search solution uses the latest methods in the area of ​​computer vision, which is one of the most innovative areas of today's science and business. ”Says Katarzyna Dorsey, President of Yosh.AI, which is a global partner of Google Cloud.

“The user who uses image search is, firstly, more likely to add products to the basket than in traditional search, and secondly, they are more likely to buy them. Visual search is another facilitation of the purchasing process, meeting the needs of our customers and their greater involvement in the world of CCC. Today, the image rules and instead of keywords, filters, etc., it is often easier to just add a photo of a given product to find similar models offered by CCC. ”Comments Michał Pachnik, Head of Ecommerce Campaigns & Mobile APP at CCC.

The CCC Group has a total of over 60 e-commerce websites in its portfolio, some of them are still internal start-ups. In parallel with the intensive development of mobile sales channels, the Group introduces several virtual solutions to respond to the changing needs of the client who today operates at the interface of the online and offline world.

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