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InPost and MODIVO first to introduce eco-friendly reusable packaging

InPost, Europe’s leading provider of delivery services for e-commerce, and MODIVO, the e-commerce fashion platform of, part of the CCC Group, are piloting eco-friendly reusable packaging for e-stores. This can potentially translate into a tenfold reduction of the amount of disposable packaging used.

There will be a return label inside every package, which needs to be scanned at any InPost parcel locker to return the package to the InPost warehouse and then to the relevant e-store.

More than 640 million parcels were sent in Poland last year alone, and this year the parcel volumes are expected to grow even further. Unfortunately, packaging is the Achilles heel of the e-commerce industry. Every year, hundreds of millions of disposable packages end up in garbage bins. With the current growth of the e-commerce market, there is only one direction to go – modern, efficient and greener logistics. That is why we are introducing Poland’s first packaging reuse system for e-commerce. Packaging will be sized to fit the product so that no empty spaces are shipped. As a market leader, we believe that the availability and user-friendliness of InPost lockers will enable the roll-out of a truly effective system for packaging reuse, says Rafał Brzoska, InPost CEO.

MODIVO, the e-commerce platform of, will be the first in Poland to join the project.

A sustainable approach is very important given our business growth. As shown by market research, consumers are increasingly concerned about the excess packaging in circulation and are looking for ways to have it recycled. The issue is also important to our employees. This is why we are the first company in Poland to take up InPost’s challenge and join the project to provide customers with reusable packaging. After collecting a parcel, all the customer will have to do is return the box to the nearest InPost locker so that, after thorough cleaning, the packaging can be used again. We strongly encourage everyone to join the effort. Let us all contribute to the green revolution in e-commerce, says Damian Zapłata, CEO of S.A. of the CCC Group.

As pointed out by Rafał Brzoska, thanks to its extensive network of already 15,000 parcel lockers, InPost is the only parcel delivery service in Poland able to ensure that the packaging is recycled.

At InPost we are aware that with the current growth of e-commerce, there is only one direction to follow, namely that of modern, efficient and very responsible logistics. This is why we believe our e-commerce partners will join the project. All companies wishing to make their contribution to pro-environmental initiatives are invited. Reusable packaging is the future, emphasises Rafał Brzoska. 

None of this would of course be possible without the environmental engagement of MODIVO, which is consistently pursuing the CCC Group’s sustainable development strategy. Its aim is to make a real positive impact on the world around us. The e-commerce platform’s activities address four areas centred around: products, the environment, employees and society.

Among the many activities the company has undertaken, the introduction and promotion of eco-friendly brands, collections and lines are particularly worth mentioning. Environmentally friendly materials and a sustainable approach to fashion are of key importance to the brand. Soon, the brand will announce what organisations and institutions it will partner with in 2022 on environmental and social projects both in Poland and abroad, adds Damian Zapłata. 


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