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Launch of the advertising campaign of innovative foot scanner

An advertising campaign under the slogan "Size is uneven" is being launched, promoting the innovative service, available in CCC and stores. It allows making a 3D foot scan, thanks to which the customer can precisely fit the footwear to the foot without the need to try it on. The main spot and a series of short, humorous commercials feature a couple of journalists Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop. The campaign will be broadcast on TV, digital channels and in CCC stores.

Since the introduction of in autumn 2018, over 700,000 people have already used the scanners. Currently, the scanners are available in more than 200 CCC stores and 22 stores throughout Poland.

In a series of short spots designed for digital communication, Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop campaign ambassadors test the service by selecting the right size of shoes for them, based on a digital foot scan. With their own sense of humour, they play the role of presenters who explain the benefits of the service and how to use it.

In the main tv show spot, the presenters in a humorous way enter into the roles of the characters from the well-known fairy tale and present the benefits of the service. The materials show the possibilities of shopping through many channels, including an online store or CCC offline stores and eobuwie. pl. The campaign aims, in a humorous and light way, to promote a service that minimizes the risk of choosing the wrong footwear and facilitates mobile shopping. This is the first campaign with such a multi-channel and wide media coverage, reaching different audiences and customers of CCC and

The scanner creates a precise 3D foot model in 5 seconds with all dimensions to help you choose the right shoe, such as length, width and circumference of the foot, as well as the height of the instep. Based on such a model and individual customer preferences, the system recommends perfectly matched shoes, without the need to try them.

We have one of the largest customer foot scans databases in the world. In 2019, generated more than 70 million PLN in sales, which shows the huge potential of this tool, which fits into our multi-channel sales strategy and the new concept of engaging stores, connecting the worlds of online and offline, which allow us to maintain a constant relationship with customers. Thanks to a one-time scan of the feet, the customer can do shopping in the CCC online store and the eoboeuvre without leaving home or trying on the shoes. By means of the campaign we want to make the existence of a simple and helpful service of choosing the right footwear and to reach as many customers as possible - says Konrad Jezierski, Director of Department in CCC.

The service significantly speeds up the purchasing process and allows adjusting the footwear to the customer's individual foot construction, also taking into account the differences in sizing of individual manufacturers. Hence the campaign slogan: "Size is uneven." We have over 500 brands on offer, which gives the customer a huge choice. Properly selected footwear affects the health of feet and correct body posture. The can be used by everyone, this free service is for example practical for families with children. In one place, on an online platform, we can have scans of the whole family's feet and carry out purchases in any sales channel that is most convenient for us - adds Anna Przybyła, Operations Manager of

This year's multi-channel campaign refers to the spots broadcast in the digital channel and CCC stores in 2019.


The author of the creation of the advertisement is Agencja 2012. The spots were realized in Lemon Films studio. The director of the main spot is Maciej Kowalczuk, the spots directors for the digital campaign is the duo Frydrych/Zdanowski, and the author of the photo session is Jacek Kołodziejski. H2O Creative is responsible for social media and MullenLowe MediaHub for purchasing social media.

For a complete list of stores where you can scan your feet, please follow the link:


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