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New Lasocki spring/summer 2022 collection brings a breath of summer

Summer in the city, a vacation under palm trees or a sea cruise? Whatever your holiday plans are, the new Lasocki collection provides plenty of inspiration for the entire family.

All I need is a blue sky... the stars of Lasocki campaign are posing against the background of summer clouds. The shoot for the spring/summer 2022 collection was created by Berlin-based photographer Dan Beleiu, who has recently worked for Spanish Vogue, Dior and Zara.

With photos taken from different perspectives, it is easy to convey the dynamism, optimism and joy emanating from the campaign. Their energy is infectious, and the accessories complementing the outfits inspire a spring closet overhaul.

The latest Lasocki collection for women includes flat sandals with dark soles with decorative buckles. They are drowned in shades of classic black, luscious grass green or neon fuchsia. Block-heeled mules in black and white, Coco Chanel’s favourite colours, are sure to be a smash hit of the season.

A broad selection of bags encourages you to experiment with fashion. The colour palette of rectangular retro bags in embossed leather pattern with a decorative buckle includes the shade of aperol spritz, a drink that evokes the feeling of summer. Tote bags in the shade of espresso also bring to mind an Italian vacation. Chain braided hobo bags are the colour of freshly squeezed orange juice. Chain bags will be perfect for summer garden parties.

The leading theme of men’s line is yacht club elegance. It is hard to imagine a summer without loafers, both lace-up and slip-on, flat sandals, and versatile sneakers. The summer dress code calls for the replacement of a black briefcase in the office with milk chocolate shades.

Children will enjoy the variety of designs made for them for the hot months. Minimalist sandals with wide, comfortable straps come in bubble gum, black or natural leather. Teddy-motif sandals for the little ones bring to mind the favourite cuddly friend. Sneakers with soft but sturdy soles are easy to put on thanks to practical Velcro straps and are available in cherry for girls and in navy blue for boys. Elementary school is the right time for boys who want to look smart to wear their first pair of loafers. And the white mary janes are of the kind Kate Middleton would definitely choose for her daughter Charlotte.

The Lasocki collection is now available from CCC offline stores, on and via the mobile app.

Photos by: Dan Beleiu

Models: Georgina Grenville, Agnes Aakerlund, Jacalyn O’Shaughnessy, Hernan Cano, Artur Kulkov, Valeria Vigueret, Viggo Rojas, Lily Kozankiewicz, Stefano Zito

Styling: Anita Szymczak

Make-up: Marianna Jurkiewicz

Hairstyle: Michał Bielecki

Set Design: Anna Szczęsny

Marketing Director: Katarzyna Krawczyk / CCC

Art Director: Maria Mastalerz / CCC, Julia Bieńkowska / CCC

Production: Ola Pudło / Papaya Films

Production House: Papaya Films

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