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Now at CCC, every Sunday is commercial! New service "Parcel on Weekend" in CCC.

The CCC Group, in cooperation with InPost, launched the "Parcel on Weekend" service, enabling customers to deliver to a parcel locker on Saturday and even on Sunday. The service is available from the beginning of July 2020 and its popularity is constantly growing. The "Parcel on Weekend" is the company's response to the growing expectations of customers in terms of fast delivery, also on days off (for customers) from work.

Thanks to the "Parcel on Weekend" service, customers of the online store who place an order at the end of the week (from Thursday evening to Saturday morning) can count on efficient delivery to one of 7,000 parcel machines in Poland this weekend. Customers who place an order on Saturday morning by 12.30 pm will be able to put on a new pair of shoes from CCC on Sunday.

At CCC, we place great emphasis on customer relations and understanding their needs. Consumers are interested in quick delivery of their orders, and more than half of Poles want the return of trading Sundays. We have implemented the "Parcel on Weekend" service for everyone who does not want to wait for their order until the next working day when shopping online at the end of the working week. Thanks to the new service, customers gain the convenience of picking up an order placed "at the last minute" at the weekend, which makes every Sunday at CCC a commercial one. We are one of the first fashion brands and also the first footwear company to implement this solution. Previously, it was already available to customers of the store, belonging to the CCC Group. We see an increase in customer interest in this fast delivery method. The service is available only from three weekends - during this period its share in the total number of orders is almost 1/4 - says Jakub Jasiński, Development Director at Omnichannel CCC.

In addition to the online store, customers can also place orders with the "Parcel on Weekend" option using the CCC mobile application. In total, the mobile channel ( website and application) is responsible for 75-80% of traffic on CCC websites.

At the end of June 2020, the CCC Group was present in 29 countries - in 23 through stationary stores, and in 17 through the online channel. The group has a total of over 60 online platforms throughout Europe: through the domains,, MODIVO, DeeZee and Gino Rossi. In 2019, CCC customers purchased over 52 million pairs of shoes in all sales channels.

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