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Paperless, or how the CCC Group is reducing paper use for the benefit of its customers, the organisation and the environment

The CCC Group is constantly seeking and implementing customer experience improvement solutions that benefit both its business and the environment. At the end of last year, the Group launched the Paperless project seeking to reduce paper consumption in returns processing and to reduce the use of cardboard boxes and packaging in logistics. By November 2021, the Group managed to fully eliminate paper from its e-commerce order fulfilment process. An up-to-date intuitive online return form will help save over 7m printouts per year, generating meaningful savings for the Group and the natural environment.

As a result of the Paperless project, implemented by the e-commerce and other departments of the CCC Group, printed return forms and labels are no longer enclosed with parcels, but an online form is used instead. Since the launch of e-commerce operations, orders have been confirmed by email, and since November 2021 all returns can be handled online without using paper return forms. This helps save over 7m printouts every year, or over 700 trees that would otherwise be needed to make them.

‘The digital transformation is no longer a trend or a privilege but an effort that helps build competitive advantage for businesses. At the CCC Group, we are constantly looking for improvements and solutions that enhance customer experience. In the case of Paperless, additional benefits include cost savings, process streamlining and, first and foremost, environmental gains,’ said Daria Sulgostowska, Head of Sustainability at the CCC Group.

E-commerce is not the sole department of the CCC Group to have successfully implemented the Paperless project. With an online document workflow and a document archiving system in place, more paper is saved in offices and other places. Solutions designed to reduce paper consumption have also been deployed in logistics, where innovative technology is helping to significantly reduce the amount of cardboard used in shoe box production.  As part of a project implemented in partnership with InPost, MODIVO is testing reusable packaging, which could ultimately reduce demand for product distribution packaging even by tenfold.

Sustainability is a vital aspect of the CCC Group’s activities and one of the pillars of its business strategy GO.25 Everything fashion. Omnichannel platform. The organisation conducts and grows its operations while caring to be a responsible business for customers, employees, society and the environment.

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