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Planned changes and strengthening in the management board of SA

Due to the intensively growing scale of SA operations and recent changes in the shareholding structure, the company's management team will be enlarged by more people. As previously announced, soon, among others, Mikołaj Wezdecki, Szymon Dąbrowski and Szymon Bujalski. The founder and the current President of the Management Board - Marcin Grzymkowski will join the Supervisory Board of as Vice-Chairman.

- has a very strong managerial staff who is behind the company's success. The scale is already large, only in the last financial year 2020/21, sales reached the level of nearly PLN 2.5 billion. At the same time, the company wants to continue to grow rapidly, has a sales threshold of PLN 5 billion on the horizon, but at the same time we must focus on operational excellence and good arrangement of internal structures. Therefore, the next natural step is to expand the management board, which until now consisted of only two people. Thus, we are starting the process of strengthening the management team, announced in the spring, all to maintain rapid growth and ensure its healthy foundations - says Dariusz Miłek, chairman of the Supervisory Board of and CCC S.A.

Changes in the Management Board of will take place in stages, in accordance with the adopted plan of rebuilding the management team. From July 21, 2021, the Management Board will be formally composed of:
• Michał Mikołajczyk - the current member of the Management Board (from August 2020), invariably responsible for the area of ​​finance and administration,
• Mikołaj Wezdecki - currently the e-commerce director at, will supervise this area as a member of the Management Board,
• and Karol Półtorak - member of the Supervisory Board of and vice president of CCC. Delegated by the Supervisory Board of the company to support and perform the duties of the President of the Management Board of until the target person is appointed for this position, which is to take place by the end of September 2021.

By the end of September this year. the Management Board of will also be joined by:
• Szymon Dąbrowski - currently Purchasing and Sales Director at, he will supervise this area as a member of the Management Board,
• Szymon Bujalski - from May this year. member of the Supervisory Board of For the last 6 years he has been associated with Empik S.A. in which he was responsible for e-commerce and the digital transformation of this brand. Previously, for 10 years he held managerial positions in Komputronik SA (vice president, member of the management board, purchasing and sales director). As a member of the Management Board of, he will supervise e-commerce
- is at an important stage of its development. We want to ensure that the company has the right level of talent, capital and ambition. This mixture seems to be building up well for us. We have expanded the managerial staff, acquired capital and reputable partners-shareholders, the company is preparing to enter the stock exchange, and above all, we are fighting to take advantage of 100% of the business opportunities offered by the market, which is very good for e-commerce, says Karol Półtorak, who from July 21 will temporarily be the President of the Management Board of - The entire process of personnel changes will be completed in the coming months - he adds.

Changes in the management team will also include the Supervisory Board of July 21 this year Marcin Grzymkowski, the current president of, will join her as vice-chairman.
The selection of the new CEO of the Group will take place within the next three months.

- I congratulate my colleagues on promotions and I am very happy that the management board of will soon be strengthened by more experienced managers. Together, we have built a very strong brand, which today is a key e-commerce sales platform in 17 European markets. We are a strong team that has achieved spectacular success and still wants to develop dynamically - says Marcin Grzymkowski. - Personally, in the new role of the vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board, I will support the Company on a strategic level.

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