Products offered in CCC stores come both from the Group's factory in Polkowice, located in the Legnica Special Economic Zone (CCC Factory Sp. z o.o.), as well as from domestic and foreign suppliers.

Asia accounts for more than 48% of the value of footwear purchases. The main import market has been China for years, whose shares in the Group's entire shopping basket amount to 24%. Bags also come from Asia. On the other hand, accessories, cosmetics and fancy goods come from European countries.

The total share of shoes coming from Poland in the value of purchases is 15.6%, of which 4.4% comes from our own factory in Polkowice.

A key factor for us is dialogue with suppliers and building long-term partnerships. We cooperate mainly with long-term suppliers, who are able to comply with the requirements and standards binding in the CCC Capital Group. 12 CCC employees perform regular on-site supervision in Asian factories. Okay. The employees of the Purchasing Division spent 35 days in 201 visiting factories in China. The period of cooperation amounting to 15 years has already reached 9 suppliers.

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    that is the total share of shoes from Poland in the value of the purchases made.

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    CCC workers regularly carry out on-site inspections in Asian factories.

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    in 2019, the employees of the Purchasing Department spent visiting factories in China.

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    15 years

    such a period of cooperation was achieved by 9 suppliers.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the CCC Group contains 4 thematic areas, which define the standards concerning employee rights and human rights, environmental protection and principles of business honesty.

  • 100% of our foreign suppliers are obliged to sign and comply with the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the CCC Group

The Supplier Code of Conduct covers four thematic areas:


  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • No discrimination, harassment and violence


  • Working hours according to legal rules
  • Decent pay on time
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining

  • Fight against corruption and bribery


  • Water and wastewater management
  • Chemical substance management
  • Management of air emissions
  • Environmental protection
  • Prohibited substances


  • Employee safety
  • Employees' health
  • Product safety


  • Suppliers are not selected for one season, and those who will be able to meet the requirements and develop together are wanted. CCC has a base of factories, with which it has been cooperating for many years, and the direction in which CCC wants to go is long-term cooperation, production in Poland, factories producing exclusively, supervision of CCC employees on the spot and regular visits to foreign factories.
  • Two companies in which CCC acquired shares in 2018: Karl Voegele AG and HR Group are members of the Amphori BSCI organization, whose mission is to enable each member to increase human well-being, responsible use of natural resources and open trade around the world. It has been decided that audits of CCC suppliers will also be carried out in accordance with the Amphori BSCI standards.

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