Current report No. 1/2024

CCC Tax Group Extension

(Current Report No. 1/2024)

10.01.2024 /Issuer/.

Legal basis:
Article 17 sec. 1 MAR - confidential information


The Management Board of CCC S.A. based in Polkowice (hereinafter: "Issuer") hereby informs that on January 10, 2024, it made a decision to extend the period of operation of the CCC Tax Capital Group ("CCC PGK"), which is a tax capital group within the meaning of the Law of February 15, 1992 on Corporate Income Tax, established on January 7, 2021, as announced in current report No. 1/2021 of January 7, 2021.

The CCC PGK is composed of the following companies:

1) CCC Joint Stock Company, which is the Parent Company within the CCC Tax Group;

2) CCC Shoes&Bags Limited Liability Company, which is a subsidiary.

The operating period of the CCC Tax Group has been extended by another 12 calendar months, until 31.01.2025, that is, for the fiscal year beginning 01.02.2024.

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