Current Report No. 10/2023

Information on the number of Series 1/2018 Bonds presented for Pari Passu Redemption

(Current Report No. 10/2023)

12.04.2023 /The Issuer/

Legal basis:
Article 17 sec.1 MAR - confidential information


Acting pursuant to para. 13.3(b) of the "Terms and Conditions of Issue of Bonds Recorded with the Possibility of Transfer to the Depository of the National Depository for Securities, drawn up in Polkowice on June 21, 2018" (the "Terms and Conditions of Issue"), relating to the Series 1/2018 Bonds (the "Bonds"), CCC S.A. with its seat in Polkowice (the "Issuer") informs that under the offer of voluntary early redemption of the Bonds with a maximum total nominal value of 337.000.00 PLN ("Pari Passu Redemption"), which the Issuer announced in Current Report No. 7/2023 dated March 7, 2023 (Information on Pari Passu Redemption Offer Regarding Series 1/2018 Bonds), Pari Passu Redemption Requests ("Pari Passu Redemption Request (Pari Passu Redemption)") were submitted for 104,742 Bonds. As reported in Report No. 7/2023, the Issuer will redeem 337 units. Bonds, in proportion to the number of Bonds covered by the Redemption Requests (Pari Passu Redemption), in accordance with the rules (including reduction) set forth in the regulations of the National Securities Depository. The Pari Passu Redemption will take place April 17, 2023. Together with the Pari Passu Redemption, the Issuer will repay the Interest accrued on the Bonds subject to the Pari Passu Redemption up to (but excluding) the Pari Passu Redemption Date.

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