Current report No. 18/2023

Information on transactions on the shares of CCC S.A. obtained in the mode of art. 19 MAR

(Current Report No. 18/2023)

04.05.2023 / The Issuer /

Legal basis:
Article 19 sec. 3 MAR - information on transactions made by the persons performing managerial responsibilities


The Management Board of CCC S.A., based in Polkowice (the "Issuer") hereby informs that on May 4, 2023, it received notification pursuant to art. 19 paragraph 1 of the MAR Regulation on transactions in Issuer's shares carried out by persons performing managerial responsibilities, from Mr. Karol Półtorak - Vice President of the Issuer's Management Board on the acquisition by him on May 2, 2023, on the WSE regulated market, 30000 ordinary bearer shares, at an average price of PLN 44.39 per share.

The full text of the notification can be found in the schedule to this report.

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