Current report no 10/2022

Conclusion of an agreement for acquisition of series I shares of MODIVO S.A. in performance of an investment commitment entered into with the President of the Management Board of MODIVO S.A. Mr Damian Zapata

(Current report no 10/2022)

23.05.2022 /Emitter/

Legal basis:
Article 17 (1) MAR - confidential information

With reference to current reports no. 57/2021 dated 7 September 2021, 71/2021 dated 30 November 2021 and 4/2022 of 31 March 2022 The Management Board of CCC S.A. ("the Issuer"), announces that in performance of the investment commitment, about which the Issuer informed in the a/m current reports, on 23 May 2022, MODIVO S.A. (the "Company" or "MODIVO") entered into an agreement with a limited joint-stock partnership whose sole general partner is Mr. Damian Zapłata, President of the Management Board of MODIVO (the "New Investor"), to subscribe for 38. 000 (thirty eight thousand) series I shares with a par value of PLN 0.20 (twenty cents) each, at an issue price of PLN 600 (six hundred Polish zloty) per one series I share, i.e. in exchange for a cash contribution of the total value of PLN 22,800,000.00 (twenty two million eight hundred thousand Polish zloty).

Given the lack of agreement between the Company's financing institutions, the amount of the capital increase was limited to such an amount of dilution which did not require the consent of the financial institutions.

The subscription of series I shares by the New Investor shall take place on the date of entry of the Company's share capital increase through the issue of series I shares into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

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