Current report No. 13/2020

Draft resolutions for the Bondholders' Meeting of 1/2018 series bonds to be convened for 15th April 2020

(Current Report No. 13/2020)

28.03.2020 /Issuer/

Legal basis:
Article 17 sec.1 of MAR - confidential information

Management Board of CCC S.A. (hereinafter: "Issuer"), with reference to the current report No. 12/2020 of 23 March 2020 on convening of the Bondholders' Meeting of the 1/2018 series of bonds, hereby publishes, as an attachment to this current report, the content of the resolution of the Bondholders' Meeting amending the terms and conditions of the issue ("Terms of Bonds Issue “), to be convened for 15th April 2020,

At the same time, in connection with the occurrence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Issuer assures that in order to ensure the sense of security of the participants of the meeting, it will prepare the place of the meeting in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.

The Issuer shall also provide the interested Bondholders with an opportunity to use a public trustee as a proxy during a Meeting of Bondholders. Information in this respect can be obtained through direct contact with the Issuer (e-mail address: [email protected], message title: "Bondholders’ Meeting").

In addition, the Issuer allows submitting deposit certificates by means of electronic communication.



1/ Marcin Czyczerski - President of the Management Board

2/ Karol Półtorak       - Vice-President of the Management Board


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