Current report No. 58/2021

Conclusion of an agreement setting out the terms and conditions of the issue by CCC Shoes & Bags sp. z o.o. of ordinary bonds to be acquired by Polish Development Fund Closed Invetment Fund

(Current Report no. 58/2021)

09.09.2021 /Issuer/

Legal basis:
Article 17 section 1 MAR - confidential information


The Management Board of CCC S.A. based in Polkowice ("CCC") hereby announces that, having conducted an analysis of the most optimal sources of funding, the Management Board of CCC concluded a debt financing agreement in the form of bonds, with PFR Inwestycje Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty (" Bondholder"), represented by Polish Development Fund S.A. /Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A./, which is the entity managing a part of the investment portfolio of the Bondholder. As a result of negotiations carried out together with CCC Shoes & Bags sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Polkowice ("CCC S&B"), a subsidiary of CCC, on 9 September 2021. CCC S&B concluded with the Investor an issue agreement concerning the issue of up to 360 ordinary registered bonds with the total nominal value of PLN 360,000,000 (three hundred and sixty million zlotys), series A, to be acquired by the Investor ("Bonds").

The Bonds shall be issued pursuant to Article 33(2) of the Bond Act of 15 January 2015, as an exemption from the obligation to publish a prospectus, information memorandum or any other offering document. The Bonds will not be introduced to trading on any market.

The issue is subject to the fulfilment by CCC S&B and CCC of the conditions precedent set out in the Bond Issue Documents and the receipt of the relevant approvals of the banks providing financing to CCC and its affiliates.

In view of the above and the expected receipt of financing from the Bondholder, the Management Board of CCC will recommend not to adopt at the EGM (commenced on 6.09.2021 and adjourned until 10.09.2021), the previously planned resolution on conditional share capital increase and issue of subscription warrants.

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