Current report no. 72/2021

Court registration of the amendment to the Company's Articles of Association

Current report no. 72/2021

01.12.2021 /Issuer/

Legal basis:

Article 56 paragraph 1 point 2 of the Act on Offer - current and periodic information

The Management Board of CCC S.A. ("Issuer") hereby announces that, on account of the motion filed by the Issuer on 7 July 2021, today they received a decision of the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 9th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, registering amendments to the Company's Articles of Association on the basis of Resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company No. 21/ZWZA/2021 of 22 June 2021, in the manner described below:

- § 10.5 of the Company's Articles of Association read as follows:

"§ 10

A Member of the Management Board may resign from his/her function at any time. A member of the Management Board shall submit a resignation to the Company and deliver a letter or submit a statement of resignation to one member of the Management Board or a proxy. Moreover, he should inform the Chairman of the Supervisory Board about the resignation".

- § 11 of the Articles of Association shall read as follows:

"§ 11

The following shall be authorised to represent the Company outside:

1/ the President of the Management Board acting jointly with a Vice-President of the Management Board or a proxy,

2/ two Vice Presidents of the Management Board acting jointly

3/ Vice-president of the Management Board acting jointly with a proxy."

- 16 para. 2 item 7 received the following wording:

"§ 16 item 2

7) determining the amount of remuneration for members of the Company's Management Board and specifying the principles of the Remuneration Policy".


Legal basis:

  • 5 item 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 29.03.2018 on current and periodic information provided by the issuer of securities and conditions for recognising as equivalent information required by the laws of a non-member state.

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