Current Report no. 27/2021

Amendment to the Terms of Issue of the Series 1/2018 Bonds and resolutions adopted by the Bondholders' Meeting on 17 May 2021

(Current Report no. 27/2021)

17.05.2021 /Issuer/

Legal basis:

Article 17 sec. 1 MAR - confidential information

The Management Board of CCC S.A. based in Polkowice (hereinafter: the "Issuer") announces that on 17 May 2021 The Meeting of Bondholders resumed its session, after the break announced on 23 April 2021. The Issuer informed about the announcement of the adjournment of the Bondholders' Meeting in current report No. 20/2021 of 23 April 2021.

The Meeting of Bondholders adopted the resolution on amending the "Terms of Issue of Bonds registered in the registry with the possibility of transferring to the depository of the National Depository for Securities, made in Polkowice on 21 June 2018" (the "Terms of Issue"), relating to the issue of the Series 1/2018 Bonds (the "Bonds"). The amendment to the Terms of Issue concerns in particular:

1) prolongation of the redemption date of the Bonds from 29 June 2021 to 29 June 2026;

2) establishment of security for the Bonds, including a registered and financial pledge on the shares of S.A., granting of surety by the Subsidiaries and submission by the Issuer and the Subsidiaries of a statement on voluntary submission to enforcement.

The Issuer encloses the minutes together with the resolution on the amendment to the Terms of Issue adopted by the Meeting of Bondholders.

The resolution adopted by the Bondholders is another important step in the refinancing plan of the Group implemented by the Issuer, which in addition to amending the Terms of Issue includes obtaining new bank financing.


The Issuer announces that, pursuant to Article 67 of the Bond Act of 15 January 2015, amendments to the Terms of Issue will become effective upon the Issuer's consent to them, which consent should be published within 7 days of the adoption of the resolution. The Issuer will inform about giving the said consent in a separate current report.




1/ Karol Półtorak - Vice-President of the Management Board

2/ Hanna Kamińska - Proxy

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