Current Report No. 19/2012

The entry of the lien registration (Current report 19/2012)

11.04.2012 /The Issuer /

Legal basis: 

Art. 56 (1)(2) Act on Public Offering - current and periodical information

The Management Board of NG2 S.A. based in Polkowice is conveying to the public that on 11th April 2012 we were received the provision of the District Court in Wroclaw, VII Commercial Department of a Lien Registry, dated on 4th April 2012. The provision concerns the modification of the entry of a registered lien on stocks of inventory in the amount of 112.500.000.00 PLN (the previous value: PLN) in favor of Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski S.A. (PKO BP SA). The objective lien was defined to the maximum security amount of 88.806.200.00 PLN ( the previous value: 61.467.160.00 PLN).

The above described change in the lien was established in connection with the signing by the Company with PKO BP S.A the annex of the credit agreement to finance current obligations owing to  the performed activity in the amount of PLN. The Company informed, with the current report no. 12/2012 dated on 29th February 2012, about the conclusion of the annex to the loan agreement with PKO BP S.A. and the changes in the value of the loan collateral.

Furthermore, in accordance with § 7 point 5 of the Decree of Minister of Finance dated on 19.02.2009 on current and periodical information (..) The Management Board of NG2 S.A. reports that between the Issuer and the persons managing or supervising the Issuer, and the entity to whom the lien was
established and those managing it, there are no ties.

The value of the lien on the assets is greater than the equivalent of 1 000.000.00 EUR expressed in PLN, calculated at the average exchange rate, and thus it meets the criteria of the assets of substantial value.

Legal basis:
§ 5 section 1 point 1 of the Decree of Minister of Finance dated on 19.02.2009 on the current and periodical information reported by an issuer of securities and conditions for recognizing information as equivalent required by the law of a country bot being a member state.



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