Current report No. 47/2012

(Current report No. 47/2012)

21.09.2012 / The Issuer /

Information based on Article no. 160 of the Act on Public Offering

Legal basis:

Article 160 paragraph 4 of the Act on Public Offering - information about the transactions of people having the access to confidential information

NG2 Company S.A ("NG2") announces that on 21.09.2012 it received a notification from one of the members of the Supervisory Board concerning the acquisition of shares of the Company NG2 S.A.:

1 / Date of transaction: 12.09.2012r., volume: 2000 units at a price: 54.00 PLN;

2 / Date of transaction: 13.09.2012r., volume: 2000 units at a price: 54.45 PLN.

The transactions were concluded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), traded under ordinary transactions.

The person who filed the notice did not consent to the publication of personal data.


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