Current Report No. 14/2012

The change of an established mortgage (Current report 14/2012)

01.03.2012 /The Issuer/

Legal basis:

Art. 56(1)(2) Act on Public Offering – current and term information

The Board of NG2 SA hereby informs that on 1 march 2012 the Company received a notification from the V Land and Mortgage Division of the District Court in Lubin, dated 29 February 2012 to the change of registration concerning mortgage in the Book of Mortgage Register. In the registration has been changed value for the amount PLN 82.500.000,00. (the previous value PLN 67.500.000,00). The Company informed about change in the Current Report No. 11/2012 dated 29.02.2012). Mortgage is in favor of BRE Bank SA based Warszawa, ul. Senatorska 18. Mortgage on the property (No. 83/32, 83/33, 83/37, 83/38 and 86/2) with an area of 6,2 ha situated in Polkowice, ul. Strefowa, owned by the Company, for which conducted land registers by the District Court in Lubin are as follows: No. LE1U/00040132/0 (No. 83/32), LE1U/00058454/2 (No. 83/38), LE1U/00065874/4 (No. 83/33, 83/37 and 86/2). 

Value of the encumbered property in the accounts of the Company as at 31.01.2012 was PLN 12.182.425,94. 

The value established by the mortgage exceeds the PLN equivalent of EUR 1.000.000,00.

Furthermore, according to § 7 item 5 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information (…), Board of NG2 SA informs that between the Issuer and the persons managing or supervising the Issuer, and the entity to whom the mortgage is established and the managers of people, there are no ties.

Legal basis:

§ 5(1)(1) Minister’s Ordinance of the 19th of February 2009 regarding current and periodic reports
published by the issuers of securities and the rules of equal treatment of the information required by
the laws of non-member states.



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