Current report no. 56/2012

The signing of a significant agreement (Current report no. 56/2012)

28.11.2012 / Issuer /

Legal basis: Article 56. 1 point. 2 of the Act on Public Offering - current and periodic information.

The Management Board of NG2 S.A announces that the Company, on 27.11.2012, has received a signed copy of the Framework Agreement of 14.11.2012, concerning of the use of guarantee within the accessible Line to the guarantee from BRE Bank S.A, with its seat in Warsaw, at Senatorska Street 18. Under the agreement, the Bank has committed to grant, within the line, the guarantee of timely payments in PLN currency, of the expiry date up to 24 months for the period from the date of signing the Agreement until 13.11.2015. The amount is a maximum limit of 5,000,000 PLN (five million), with a maximum amount of a single guarantee of 400,000 PLN. The security agreement constitute  blank bill with a bill statement. Other conditions are similar to those commonly used for this type of agreements. The criteria of defining the agreement significant is the amount of the company’s own capital, taking into account the total value of agreements with BRE Bank SA for the last 12 months. The involvement of BRE Bank SA in respect of given loans and guarantees amounts to 90,000,000 PLN (ninety million). The agreement with the highest value is described in the current report RB No. 2/2010 dated on 08.01.2010r., regarding credit contract in the current account concluded with BRE Bank SA with its seat in Warsaw at Senatorska Street 18, of 23.12.2009, which value at the date of the report is PLN 55,000,000 (fifty-five million), after the change of the credited sum, made by annex of 27.02.2012, which the Company informed about in the current report RB 11/2012 dated on 29.02.2012. This agreement is considered to be significant because it exceeds 10% of the own capital of the Issuer.

Legal Basis: § 5 act 1 point 3 of decree of the Minister of Finance dated on 19.02.2009, on current and periodic information provided by issuer of securities and conditions for recognizing, as equivalent the information required by law of the state which is not a member state.


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